About me

am an English teacher, writer, mother and science enthusiast.

I’ve always loved science, but I also love words. So, after school I studied a bachelor degree in English literature and languages, and followed up with a Masters in creative writing. I taught ESL in Japan, academic English in Australia and published several short stories.

After having kids, though, my mind grew restless. I wanted to find out more about how the world worked, and especially how our bodies worked and reacted to environmental changes. So, I did a crazy thing: I went back to university to study a science degree.

I graduated with a bachelor of science from Macquarie University in 2013 and continued onto a masters in science by research in the same year. My passion is human genetics, epigenetics and molecular biology although I am interested in all areas of science.

In this blog I aim to combine my love of science and words to explain scientific topics in a clear and entertaining way.


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